Why You Should Look for PCI Certification When Ordering Precast Concrete

Why You Should Look for PCI Certification When Ordering Precast Concrete

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pciPrecast stone panels and other types of prefab concrete are commonly used in construction projects for residential as well as retail and other commercial projects. They can be cast in a wide range of imprinted patterns, designs, sizes and shapes, and they are ready to install once they are delivered. They offer energy efficiency benefits and reduced maintenance for the property owner, and they are easy to work with and more affordable than many other types of materials. However, not all types of prefab concrete are the same, and some are higher in quality than others. For those who want the highest quality of prefabricated stone panels and concrete, look for the PCI certification when deciding which company to purchase from.

What Is PCI Certification?

The PCI certification is a special certification that is assigned to specific facilities, and the acronym stands for Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. This certification is recognized to be one of the highest honors in the industry for a facility to obtain because the certification process is so comprehensive. It provides everything from designers to contractors and others with the knowledge that the concrete they are purchasing and installing meets or exceeds specific standards for quality. In addition, the certification also means that the facility where they are manufactured are audited regularly to ensure compliance with these standards.

Why You Should Look for the Certification

Precast stone walls, prefab concrete and other related items may appear to be similar, but they can be quite different in terms of the type of aggregate that is used, the pressure and weight that they can withhold and other factors. Furthermore, the overall look of the material can vary as well. This means that everything from the quality of the finished result to the satisfaction of the customer could be impaired when the certification is not in place.

The Right Provider

Stonecast Products is one of the leading suppliers of prefab concrete products, including precast stone walls and other types of custom architectural panels and walls. The Stonecast Products facility has the PCI certification, and it has effectively maintained compliance with the strict certification standards for many years. If you are in the market for precast panels and walls that are high in quality and that are made from the most superior grade of materials available, take time to learn more about the Stonecast Products options as well as the facility and manufacturing process. Once you have seen the difference that Stonecast offers, you will see why this is the company you want to order from.

It is easy to determine if a company has the PCI certification. Because this is one of the most coveted and recognized honors in the industry, those who have this certification proudly display it. You can also inquire about the certification if it is not displayed. By looking for the PCI certification, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing a quality prefab concrete product.

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