pciPCI Certified Facility

As a Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Certified facility, Stonecast produces to the highest of precast concrete quality standards.   Compared to others in the industry, PCI Certification is the precast concrete structures industry’s most proven, comprehensive, and trusted, certification program.  The PCI certification assures owners, contractors, architects, and designers that precast concrete products are manufactured by companies that utilize nationally accepted standards, have comprehensive quality systems in place and are audited to ensure compliance.

Customers Benefit from Specifying Stonecast as their Precast Concrete Supplier

Specifying products from a PCI-Certified precast company ensures that bidders have an ongoing quality system in place, the experience necessary to deliver a quality product and a history of quality assurance. PCI-Certified plants are required to develop and maintain a detailed Quality System Manual (QSM) compiled according to industry standards, approved by PCI, and available for review by project owners. Avoid surprises during the construction process by requiring certification in project specifications.

PCI’s standards for quality precast concrete production are difficult to achieve. Once attained and practiced consistently, these standards contribute to improved and continued customer satisfaction not only by ensuring that the manufacturing and installation processes are high quality, but by making the construction process faster and smoother for all parties involved.

The standards ensure that plants consistently maintain high-quality operations and output through daily internal-control processes and inspections of operations, materials, equipment, products, and processes.

No other organization offers such comprehensive oversight of precast, prestressed concrete design and construction techniques. By specifying PCI Certification, you are ensuring that your precast, prestressed concrete components will be manufactured and installed according to stringent industry standards.

For more information about PCI, please go to the PCI web site at www.pci.org

Stonecast Quality System

At Stonecast, our PCI certification results in industry standards becoming a part of our daily processes and procedures.  We utilize a comprehensive and formally documented Quality System Manual in our plant operations.  Our employees are educated on the PCI standards and the Stonecast Quality System, enabling a consistent process and decision making throughout the operation.  Stonecast continues to achieve the highest level of audit scores from PCI audits conducted at random twice per year.

On-Site Laboratory

All materials such as aggregate and mix components are tested for moisture content daily in Stonecast’s quality control laboratory, located on the plant site.  Every test required by PCI standards are completed in the laboratory including all compressive strength tests over a 28 day time period.

During daily set-up procedures, a “pre-pour” examination of all molds, dimensions and materials to be used is made to ensure accuracy and quality is built into our products.  A “post-pour” quality inspection is also performed daily to verify the specific type and quality of surface finish required by our customers.

Quality Standards Throughout the Business

At Stonecast, we set the highest standard of quality throughout our operations to drive outstanding results in our precast products and customer service.   To continue to achieve these high standards, Stonecast maintains documented Standard Work Instructions for the jobs and duties that our employees perform.  These Standard Work Instructions are in place in every area of the business to guarantee that the correct procedures and tools are used for a specific task, every time.  Using these quality-driven standard procedures, Stonecast produces consistent quality precast products.