Project Planning and Management

A good outcome requires good planning.  The Stonecast team knows this is true.  From the beginning when awarded a customer’s job, until the final delivery is made, the Stonecast team plans and manages all steps of the job schedule to ensure success.

Once the job is awarded, a Stonecast Project Manager is immediately assigned to the awarded project and remains on the project until completion.  Key to Stonecast’s success in quality and on-time delivery is our pre-planning process.  Prior to beginning to draw shop drawings on a job, Project Managers hold a JOB HAND OFF MEETING with the Estimator who bid the project. At this meeting, the detailed plans, Take-off information and bid proposal are reviewed.  Information about the job is shared by the Estimator with the Project Manager so they can be most productive in the design process.

The second planning responsibility of the Stonecast Project Manager is to meet with the customer’s team (Project Managers, Engineers, Jobsite Managers, and Architects).  This is a key meeting called CUSTOMER COORDINATION MEETING.  At this meeting, the following steps are completed


Objectives include:

  • Understand project scope
  • Understand project team and roles – in the office and on the jobsite
  • Exchange contact information
  • Pre-plan the project schedule pertaining to precast concrete products.  Working backwards from the targeted delivery date, everyone selects and agrees upon the milestone dates to be met.  Please review a completed example of the Customer Coordination Schedule.

Sample Customer Coordination Schedule Click Here

Ongoing Project Management

During the project, Stonecast Project Managers controls all the activities involved in completing shop drawings, engineering, and obtaining the correct materials for the job including special colors, stone, aggregates, connectors, etc.   Working with the customer team and external suppliers, Stonecast Project Managers maintain a grasp of all the working components of the project.

Once shop drawings are approved, precast color is selected and the mock-up is approved, the Project Managers hold a PRE-PRODUCTION PLANNING MEETING.  Stonecast Production leadership from all areas meet with the Project Manager to review the design, overall scope, timing, engineered connections, mold and material special requirements.   The job is pre-planned for success with discussions on plant table layout and set-up, material handling requirements and delivery procedures with identified jobsite restrictions.

All of Stonecast’s standard project planning and management procedures result in continuous communication and a thorough understanding of what is required for a successful outcome.