Product Identification

On the jobsite, efficiency is the bottom line.  Contractors cannot waste time looking for the correct precast concrete piece during installation.  Stonecast has eliminated “searching” on the jobsite for pieces.  Every one of Stonecast’s  precast pieces are uniquely identified with a special tag.

During the production process, each tag is tacked (like a large thumbtack) into the back of the piece.  The thumbtack is cured into the precast concrete so they are an integral part of the piece throughout the entire process including delivery. These tags are wind, rain and dirt proof so the crew on the jobsite will find the right piece every time.   An example of the Stonecast piece identification tag is shown below.  The components of the tag are explained showing key product information for the job.  Using the Stonecast naming convention for elevations of a building, there is no question about the location of the tagged piece.