Determining if Precast Concrete Insulated Sandwich Panels Are Suitable for Your Project

Determining if Precast Concrete Insulated Sandwich Panels Are Suitable for Your Project

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Whether you are an architect, an engineer or another construction industry professional, you may understand the importance of selecting the right materials for your projects. The exterior wall materials on a building may be of particular importance because they can affect everything from energy efficiency and curb appeal to repair and maintenance requirements, cost of construction and more. While there may be many materials that you are researching, precast concrete insulated sandwich panels are an option that you may be suitable for your project. We can help you to learn more about the different panel solutions available and to determine which option may be right for your needs.

What Architectural Precast Concrete Insulated Sandwich Panels Are

Insulated panels are just one of several options that we provide to our valued clients. These are two separate precast stone panels that are constructed with a void between them. Each panel may measure between eight and 12 inches, and the thickness between the panels will impact the thermal R-value. The void is typically made out of foam, and the entire panel is secured or fastened by composite fiberglass or steel connectors. While there are other fastening or securing processes available for you to choose from, the fiberglass connectors are typically a better solution because of the decreased thermal bridge between the panels.

Custom Design Processes

When you are researching architectural precast concrete insulated sandwich panels it is important to review the design services provided by the company. The company may create customized panels that are perfectly tailored to your specifications. This may include everything from the thickness and insulation level of the panels to their interior and exterior look. This can impact the décor inside the building, the curb appeal of the exterior, how energy efficient the building is and various other factors. In addition, the design process may include rough openings for doors and windows in the desired locations and at specified dimensions. Even spaces for electrical outlets and telecommunications boxes can be created in appropriate locations in these walls. When the panels are delivered at the construction site, they will be perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Determining Suitability For Your Project

These are just one of several types of materials that you may be researching and comparing for your current project. When making a final decision, you can learn more about the customization options for these panels and can obtain a quote. You may discover that these panels are truly cost-effective and affordable, and they will provide the property owner with numerous benefits after construction that relate to energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and more.

Precast concrete insulated sandwich panels provide you with many benefits, but they may not be suitable for all projects. There are other types of concrete panels that could also be used, and you should explore all of the precast concrete options in detail to determine if insulated panels or another option would be best for your project. Call the precast concrete experts at Stonecast Products at (262) 253-6600 for more information.

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