Architectural Cladding

Architectural Cladding

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Choosing the right material to add to your property’s exterior is rarely a simple and or speedy task to complete. Some people are drawn to different materials, such as stone or concrete, because of the aesthetic look of the material. However, there are other factors to think about when selecting an exterior material besides its look. For example, maintenance needs, durability and longevity, installation cost and more also should be taken into account. When you are looking at materials that can be used for your property’s exterior, architectural cladding may be a preferred option. There are different types of cladding to consider.

The Benefits of Architectural Cladding

Cladding is a material that has aesthetic appeal and that is applied over a sub-layer. Generally, the material will have a pleasing look, but it may also be chosen for other reasons. For example, architectural cast stone panels are highly popular with commercial applications because it is an affordable option that can mimic the look of other more expensive materials, such as natural stone or brick. Likewise, it is easy to install and easy to maintain or clean in comparison to other materials. Plus, the addition of the material over the sub-layer can make architectural cast stone panels more energy efficient for the property than other options available.

Choosing the Right Cladding Material

Architectural cladding is available in a wide range of materials options, and this includes wood, vinyl composite, concrete and more. The type of material that you choose will impact the construction time and cost as well as the overall look of the finished project. Architectural cast stone panels generally are a preferred option for many people who are comparing the options because they are affordable to install and can be installed in large sections at a time for speedy construction results. Likewise, they can be precast to mimic the look of other materials, such as wood or stone, which may take longer to install than the concrete panels.

There are many factors to review when deciding on an exterior material choice for a residential or commercial structure. Cast stone panels from Stonecast Products are highly popular for total building construction, but they also can be used as an architectural feature over a portion of the interior or exterior. If you have not reviewed concrete as a possible material option recently, now is a great time to do so.

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