About Stonecast Products

Known for consistently high quality products and service, Stonecast has been supplying precast concrete products to leading contractors for their award-winning buildings for over twenty years. A member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), Stonecast holds the highest quality certifications, A-1, C-1 and soon to be C-3 (Architectural and Commercial quality certification rankings). Reference PCI certification at http://www.pci.org/PCI_Certification.

Stonecast historically supplied custom cast stone and architectural wall panels. Today, Stonecast is focused on supplying a variety of precast wall panels; architectural clad wall panels, pre-stressed structural wall panels, and insulated composite and non-composite wall panels. Stonecast’s recent operation modernization investment in 2012-2013 created a lean and technologically leading facility, with enhanced attention on quality procedures, pre-planning jobs and coordinating with customers throughout the entire job. Stonecast has partnered with Thermomass to utilize their proven composite and non-composite sandwich panel technology. With Stonecast’s broad capabilities, precast panels can be produced in many sizes and shapes in addition to any unique custom shape precast pieces.  As contractors know, the wider the panels, the less “picks” and installation cost on the jobsite. For this reason, Stonecast’s standard panels are an efficient 12 foot width.

Prior to 2002, Stonecast Products was known as Wisconsin Lintel, supplying the industry with standard lintels, sills and smaller precast concrete profiles. In 2002, Wisconsin Lintel’s largest customer, Jim Marriott of Marriott Construction, Inc., purchased the business and renamed it Stonecast Products. Stonecast quickly expanded and became a much broader supplier of architectural precast concrete, becoming known for the industry-leading product quality utilizing a proprietary mix. Today, Stonecast serves Mason and General Contractors, Architects and Design-Build Firms and Construction Management companies to supply a combination of large structural and architectural panels, insulated wall panels, and custom cast stone shapes.

Interested in learning more about Stonecast Products and how beautiful precast concrete products can help you create award-winning structures? The Stonecast team will show you all the different ways precast can be used with an array of colors, textures, special designs, custom shapes and more.  You can contact our sales team at (262) 253-6600 or [email protected].