Bid Process

Our customers rely on Stonecast to provide accurate, timely Bid Proposals for their projects.  At Stonecast, we work hard to provide cost-competitive Bid Proposals that are precise in scope, dimension and quantities.

Our estimating team utilizes a comprehensive tool called “On-Screen Take-Off” to accurately breakdown our precast concrete components directly from the architectural and structural drawings.  This software provides enhanced capabilities to identify and track all precast components resulting in not only a detailed tally of our concrete product but also an in-depth breakdown of required hardware such as precast embedded, field embedded and field loose plates.  Using this thorough process, Stonecast’s estimating team provides an accurate, well laid-out Bid Proposal to our customers.  Below is a snapshot of our take-off capabilities.


bid process

Pre-Bid Planning

During project estimating, the Stonecast estimator works with internal production personnel, purchasing personnel and design project managers to pre-plan the bid scope.  This pre-planning uncovers opportunities to value engineer, purchase smarter, understand special conditions that need to be accounted for, anticipate schedule and milestones and develop a clear scope understanding.  Stonecast understands that this process results in accurate scope and bid estimates to our customers.