Specialty & Restoration

Very old buildings quite often need a facelift!  Many times, the old buildings have very special and detailed designs that are hard to repair or touch up using masonry techniques.  Fortunately, architects and contractors know that specialty designs or profiles can be replicated using architectural precast concrete.  Using laser-etch technology and 5-axis CNC machine capability, Stonecast re-creates the old building designs and produces a replica replacement precast concrete panel or piece.  Contractors remove the old material and replace it with a newly created replacement piece which looks identical to the old one.

Is a large specialty water feature, or a large grand entrance needed?  How about a one-of-a-kind structural arch inside of your home?  Stonecast has created these specialty designs in beautiful architectural precast concrete as you can see in the photos below.  Please click on the pictures below to see additional photos of Stonecast precast concrete panels and many architectural precast profiles on customer projects.

Recent Specialty & Restoration Projects